I'm a producer/MIDI programmer/songwriter currently in the Nashville area. My passions are music production, Ableton Live, controllerism, and education. You can hear excerpts of my work on my music page, and if you're interested in working together I'd love to hear from you!

black wind

Continuing my interest in sonically smashing things, all sounds on this track (except for the drums) were created by destroying flute samples using Live 11 stock devices.


Turns out if you destroy something enough, it starts to sing. Lately I’ve been into destroying sounds with all kinds of processing just to see what happens. It’s been a cathartic way to try and express the journey I’ve been on in the past year. If you’re pressed hard enough, you’ll start to make sounds in shapes and colors which might surprise you.

The more and more I’m sure no one is listening, the further down the rabbit hole I go. I’ve been more and more interested in trying to articulate feelings with instrumental music lately, and they’re not bops. But I’m all out of words for now, so this is where I’m at.

I hope it at leasts encourages somebody out there to articulate how they are truly feeling.  At the expense of some sort of nice and tidy brand, the authentic *you* just might be the very thing someone needs to hear. I know I need to hear it. So come on out. I dare ya.

Julien Baker remix

an unofficial remix for the "Isolate/Create" challenge. Enjoy!