Ableton LOOP 2018 presentation (see below)

Recent Performances

"The National Anthem” and “You and Whose Army?” from my Radiohead Ensemble concert at Kent State University, Spring of 2016. Me and 9 of my college students on stage with only controllers. Everything you hear was created in real time, no pre-programmed tracks. Video was done using Max and features “Plastic Apocalypse, Episode 2” by Michael Akkerman. Enjoy!

My cover of "Climbing Up The Walls" by Radiohead for a faculty recital at Kent State in the Spring of 2015. My camera didn't pick up the TV very well, and I was triggering all of the video effects live, so I had to go back and perform the video mixing later and drop it into this video as a picture in picure. It's sitting where the huge TV was set up on stage, so you can still kind of get the idea of what was happening.

Everything you see and hear is being run by Ableton Live, and I was using a Numark Orbit controller to control video effects, launch and manipulate samples, and affect the guitar as well.

NIN "greatest hit" remix #1: (video created and posted by fan, 2007)


Berklee Music Videos

"Orbit Suit" thesis project videos